Selecting Your First Programming Language :- Which One??

Fardeen Ahmed
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Selecting a programming language is a bit confusing and what to do after selecting puts oneself to many small dilemmas, leading to again question “Do i have to do code, or learn coding??” and this majorly lets one to leave coding / Programming. This blog will do you things including:-

  1. Myths busting behind Coding/Programming
  2. Programming Languages to be taken for learning as a beginner.
  3. Why one should know code?
  4. Opportunities after you learn to code in any one language and application in real life.

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Myths busting About Coding/Programming

We here now will bust some of the basic Myths of Coding/Programming

  1. Coding/Programming is for Technical People :- The very big myth to be busted down is whether coding is only for Technical People or for all, and the answer is “ALL”. Language is never a barrier, and here too. Coding/Programming is a mindset that one uses to create, develop and make his/her life easier with Technology. So, Coding is for All..Always Remember that.
  2. Coding is done by Mathematicians Beautifully :- I know many mathematicians, who don’t even know the meaning of coding, and are great Mathematicians. Not objectifying there Mathematics skills, but telling that Coding is for anyone who wants to learn and code. So take this out of your mind. You can too learn code, and create new things, and to get connected to Technology.
  3. Coding/Programming is difficult :- Even doing any work that you don’t know about or have knowledge of, will be difficult to do. Coding/Programming is same, you have to learn it before doing it. Step by step every day. Coding/Programming is not tough, a petty mindset is.
  4. For Learning to code, you should have prior knowledge:- No need of prior knowledge is required to learn Coding/Programming. You learn with the time, where you put your efforts to learn. That’s it. Only two things are needed : Desire to learn something new and creative, second, learning attitude. That’s it.
  5. One language is better than other :- One of the biggest myth, is to uncover, which is generally this particular question “Python is better than Java!!!” . The answer is “BIG NO!!!”. No language is bigger or better than other. Every programming/coding language is fruitful. And no one should have this mindset while learning, if you have, you are out of the league in a very first place.

Programming language for Beginner :-

When one is beginner in coding/Programming one has to think to what language to chose for coding/programming

I believe any language can be taken in under these consideration :

  1. If you are completely new to programming, and are from field which is non-technical, then select “Python”. This is because the syntax (layout of language) is much more as of English, and easy to understand. So, this will be perfect who are completely new to programming.
  2. If you are a technical student, but don’t know how to code, then go for “C oriented Language (C, C++, C#)” or “Python”. Because you will be doing development works, creating apps, games and small software for project purposes.
  3. If you are advance learner, then go for “C# (C sharp), Java or Python with Pointers”. This is because these languages are for all (every coding language is) level programmers or non-programmers. These are like “HEAVY DUTY PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE” (generally considered) for advance people in today’s market.

Note:- The point above only says that Languages that are listed are being used in today’s IT Market. Any language can be taken according to their general purpose.

Why one should Code?? :-

There are many reasons to know how to code :-

  1. Coding is a tool to create and solve any problem that people are facing in today’s world, with the help of Technology.
  2. Coding can be used to create new opportunities for others in any field where Technology resides.
  3. During this COVID-19 pandemic, or any pandemic, this will increase job opportunities for all. Learning coding is going to open technical jobs to even non-technical students, and if you are skilled, you will get a job
  4. To learn and create new Apps, Games and software as a student.

Opportunities after you learn to code in any one language and application in real life:-

Below are some key opportunities when you learn and become a skilled coder :-

  1. New Job opportunities in Technical Field.
  2. Working as a freelancer
  3. Creating Apps/Games/Software for people. Put either ads on it, and earn money or sell these software.
  4. Also, Teach people how to code in any language you know. It can be online or offline mode.

So, don’t sit back and thing Coding is tough. Everything is tough if not learnt. Learn coding. You have to give time and effort to code. You have to possess an attitude of not quitting. Whether it is tough or not, hard or not, you have to learn it, and conquer your fear. Do it, attain it. And find ultimate happiness, Peace.

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